Sorry for not uploading for a while. I was too busy catching up on the finer things in life – sleep, games, and more sleep.
I won’t be updating this Friday because of a family vacation, so I’ll update it today. šŸ˜›

Check this out! My latest video animation project with the lovely Lorena Salas – it’s called the Tale of Baku.

I also promise to do another Sound in Games soon, since I have a loot of free time on my hands again.

Don’t fret – I’m still working away at some really exciting projects.

Thanks for reading!



Halfway done!

Sorry for not updating last week – I was busy with exams that were creeping in. ; w ;
I got two done these past two days – two more to go, and I’ll be free from school, and living in constant paranoia as to whether I graduated or not. D:

In any case, some interesting developments, music-composer wise, are cropping up!

First off: My latest short film animation project is almost complete! The wonderful animator, Lorena Salas, is finishing up the last few touches on our latest collaboration. Keep your eye posted in the next few days!

More recently, a UTTV show has been released with my music! It’s called Much To My Dismay – a drama crime-thriller featuring some very talented U of T actors and actresses. Check it out here:

See you next week, when I will have survived four long, arduous years of school!



I cannot seem to depart.

Such is life.

Four years of my undergrad concluded with a lovely lunch gathering after counterpoint class. It’s hard to imagine that all the things I’ve learned, the mistakes I’ve made, and the life I’ve led for the past few years in U of T lead up to a generous glass of ginger ale and some sweet potato fries.

I know that I won’t ever stop making music. It’s something that I have a passion for, and something that hopefully will be enjoyed by the people around me. However, making music won’t ever be the same without school. Not just the institution itself, but the people behind that institution, and the people that surround the institution.

I’m going to miss a lot of people there – not just fellow students, but faculty members too. I’ll see all of you one last time at graduation (if I pass all my exams – oh man), but let me just say that you guys were the reason that I came every day to school. I always looked forward to the laughter and the stories we’d share with each other, and theĀ camaraderie that blossomed between all of us.

So here’s to you. Let our love of music never die, and our friendships continue to flourish.
And for the love of God, let’s hope we don’t do papers ever again.


A few updates!

I didn’t realize that I’m almost done my undergrad degree at U of T until about this week.
All my projects are pretty much due soon, I have exams coming up, and then after that, freedom.

Freedom to do what, though? I’m not entirely sure myself…But I’ll be sure to let you guys know as I go along.

I finally got Monster Hunter Tri UltimateĀ and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon! So far, MonHun’s pretty much the same audio experience as before – if you want to read my ranting regarding the genius of its music, you can find itĀ here!Ā Luigi’s Mansion has a few neat tricks, though, that I’ll cover in a few weeks when I finish it.

Other than that, something cool regarding my music in an actual game came up! My good friend Tyler Budolowski asked me for music for his Windows Phone shmup, RAINVII. You can check it out and download itĀ here. It’s free!



It’s the last few weeks. It’s seriously driving me mad, this school business. D:
But I’m almost done! Plus, there are some exciting things happening music-wise.

Expect a new UTTV video to come up in the next few days, and hopefully a new ‘Sound in Games’ too.
(It’s pretty exciting – I got my girlfriend into Monster Hunter. X3; )
I’m also excited to pick up Luigi’s Mansion this weekend, so expect a soundtrack review of that pretty soon.

What I’m most excited about for this week, though, is the fact that my girlfriend made an 8-bit cover of a video game song! It’s incredibly cute. Check it out:

Have a good week you guys.


Three weeks left…

Holy crap. School goes by fast, doesn’t it. Three weeks left, then exams…
Ugh. I’m currently drowning in essays and a few music projects, but do not despair – I won’t lose this battle without a fight!

Nothing new in terms of music lately, but I’m happy to announce that ERTYFE’s Eric Anderton – the fantastic guitar man – is going to have a new web series coming soon to your Tubes of You!

It also features our band’s music. It’s pretty sweet. If you want to hear it, it’s here:

Thanks for reading!


The Crimson Leaf!

Last Sunday, I got a few of my friends together to sight-read some of the music for The Crimson Leaf – an exciting project created by collaboration between me and Maryam Toumrai, a fantastic Iranian-Canadian vocalist. You should check out her Facebook page and her videos! She’s recorded a bit of the practice ensemble and I figuring out the music together.

Click here to check it out!

Thanks to all my friends who read my music! You guys were amazing.